99% / by Karen Lantz

We are happy to share news that our goals were exceeded in the amount of material diverted from the landfill while deconstructing the Banks Street project. 

99% of our 1800 square foot house was reused or recycled. The last step was delivering six truck loads of concrete foundation equaling 128 tons to Southern Crushed Concrete, a green initiative company, where it will become TxDOT standard road base. 

Karen - In the past we have done 75 to 80 percent - but that was before the shingle solution and the drywall recycling. Also- in the past we have not counted wood that was damaged by termites - but it is my understanding that Lone Star recycled any and all wood in the container.

I think you are right on target with the 99%!
I have to say it again...Congratulations!!!
— Carolyn Stevens with Habitat for Humanity of NWHC

Along with a clean palette, we are left with two beautiful, mature trees; a sycamore and an elm. Now we design.